Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced, good news for FF lovers

Around 3 days ago,exactly at 18th of january SquareEnix officially announced a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII titled Final Fantasy XIII-2, targeted for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming console. The image on the above is the cover for this game most likely.

Oh yeah, this game is going to be released around winter and up until now, a trailer and a screenshot is available in Final Fantasy XIII-2 official website. Here is the first screenshot of it :

Well with new outfit and gunblade (is it? i can’t really see her weapon clearly but from the trailer it definitely is gunblade), she looks hot there to be honest :D. I wonder what is her job now after saving the world? looking from her outfit, is she like a queen of pulse now? anyway here’s the official website for this game:

Now, below is the teaser trailer video:

Final Fantasy always amaze me with their graphics, just extraordinary >.< (for me at least).

Also there’s a new character at the end of the trailer, from the look of it he is an antagonist. The gameplay and battle style is remain unknown until now though i’m still wondering about it. Well for now this announcement alone is exciting and since it’s release date is still pretty far, i’ll just reserve some money to buy this later. And i’ll keep an eye for a new info on this.